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Reputation and recognition have never been more important to individual success.

Bayleaf moves the spotlight onto the change makers, giving them the exposure they need to maximise their opportunities and success.

Spearheaded by Mike McKie, who has decades of experience in global corporations, Bayleaf helps you streamline your public reputation.

We know that without the correct exposure, recognition can be almost impossible for many. We want to level the playing field for people who see the value in themselves and their causes

Our goal is to support you by sharing your story with the world so that you can gain the recognition you deserve for your outstanding work.

Who Is Mike McKie?

Much of Mike McKie’s early career was spent as a senior executive within global corporations. His experience in both emerging and developing markets all over the world has given him the knowledge and cultural understanding that the only difference between success and failure can be whether you have the correct exposure.

With this knowledge, he decided to exit the corporate field and use his skills and talents by founding Bayleaf Awards and Bayleaf Honours to help those who deserve the kind of recognition that will drive their success and support their personal and professional goals.

He personally works with each client, no matter the scale of their contribution or community impact – he believes everyone deserves the chance to tell the world their story.

In just four years he has helped individuals to achieve leadership awards for entrepreneurs all over the world, and national honours awards in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, to name a few.

He has quickly gained a reputation for being an expert in the field of personal recognition and his advice is known to be clear, direct and highly effective – whether in applying for awards today, or setting a strategy of achievements for future nominations.

What We Do For You

Since 2018, we have helped individuals all over the world to gain the recognition they deserve for their achievements.

Organically and authentically built over time, we believe that a truly authentic reputation comes with time.

That is why we assess each client’s needs, accolades, and goals individually and discretely to ensure we can help you receive the awards and recognition you deserve for your services.

We operate with the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion – we never disclose our client lists.

Our goal is not to claim your victory but to give you the edge and power to claim your own.

With the help of our exceptional writers, journalists, and our founder’s specialist skills, we design profiles and craft genuine stories that help support our clients to achieve awards, recognition, and a strong digital presence.

We have supported high-profile individuals, members of local charities, global innovators, philanthropists, and international businesses with our legacy-building interventions that have helped these change-makers receive business awards, personal honours and recognition for their services to their communities.

Here at Bayleaf, we offer individual services for your very specific needs.

Our Bayleaf Honours business provides expert advice and support for those looking to receive Royal honours such as OBE, Knighthoods, and Damehoods. This service is available to individuals worldwide.

For global entrepreneurs, business owners, innovators, and change-makers,

Our Bayleaf Awards service helps individuals and businesses to achieve leadership award status.

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